Our History

photo 1 (2)Shanyn McCourt, Founder By the age of 18, Shanyn McCourt had lost both of her parents and knew all too well what it was like to feel alone. It could be a miserable feeling, and she hated the idea that there were other children in the community around her who also knew exactly how that felt. She decided to begin volunteering at group homes and children’s shelters during Christmas time, working to provide a holiday celebration and gifts from each wish list to show these children that they were surrounded by kindness and generosity. This brought Shanyn so much joy that she continued doing it every year, growing the seed that would eventually blossom into the Angels for Kids Foundation. In 2009, Shanyn incorporated Angels For Kids into a nonprofit organization and in 2014 she expanded its governing board to eleven members. Angels for Kids Foundation now holds two annual events – a Christmas party and a Back-to-School event, as well as helping throughout the year to fill other needs for children and families. At the same time, Angels for Kids is looking toward the future, with a goal of opening chapters across the nation.